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How Nature and Architecture Combines In Taipei

Towns and Natural Sites Away From the City Centre That You Must Visit When Traveling in Taipei

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Apart from the concrete city, there are a lot of natural site merging with the human architecture that you really should visit around Taipei. Beautiful beaches with cafés and bars along the seaside, towns built on a very sloppy Mountain, railway built through a town with shops right next to the rail in the middle of nowhere!

Tamsui coastline

The Tamsui coastline is right outside the Tamsui MRT station which is the end of the redline. There are many sites at the Tamsui coastline including the Danshuei River Mangrove Wetland, Tamsui Fishermen’s Wharf, Lover’s Bridge and the Tamsui coastline walkway.


There is a long walkway along from the Tamsui MRT station all the way to the Tamsui Fishermen’s Wharf and the Lover’s Bridge.


Sanchih coastline

To get to the Sanchih coastline, there are four buses that you can take from Tamsui MRT station, which are 860,861,862,863, it takes about 15 – 20 minutes. The Grass Mud Horse café is also along the Sanchih coastline, therefore you might just want to pay a visit to those cute but naughty animals. For more information, please read the post: The Food You Cannot Miss In Taipei - http://wanderlustadventures.travellerspoint.com/1/




In summer 1890, gold sand was accidentally found in the Keelung River while building a rail bridge across the river by a worker who used to work in the united states as a gold miner. As the mining industry develops, the Juifen town begins to develop. As Juifen is built around the mining industry, the whole town is built on a very sloppy mountain. The town is now fully developed as a tourist spot with many different sites including Juifen old street with traditional Taiwanese food, Keelung Mountain, Keelung northern coastline and Jinguashi historic gold and copper mines and museum. The night view in Juifen is extremely famous and beautiful but unluckily it began raining so I haven't got the chance to see, but apparently the red lanterns will all light up in the town. The sunset is also very famous view in Juifen. You can find the transportation from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, you have a choice either a bus that cost NT120 passing through about 20 stops for two hours, or a 9 seat van directly to Juifen for NT200 that takes about 45 minutes.


Photos and written by Alex Leung

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The Food You Cannot Miss In Taipei

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Out of the many reasons why you should pack your bags and head to Taipei now, here is one of the many reasons I think is the most attractive about Taipei. As a modern city just as same as many other cities in Asia like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing or Singapore, Taipei has a series of very unique characteristic, and one of them, is the FOOD. The food in Taipei is very famous across Asia.

1. Japanese food
As Taiwan was colonized by Japan from 1895 to 1945, we can almost see bits and pieces of Japan and the influence of the Japanese culture on Taiwan and the Taiwanese culture. One of the most significant one, at least for me is the Japanese food in Taiwan. You can see Ramen shops and Japanese style pub, which are called izakaya all over the city. I believe they have the most amazing Japanese in Asia outside Japan but the money you’ll need to spend on them is way much lower than you will need to spend in Japan, so if you are a Japanese food fan but you don’t have the budget to go to Japan, Taiwan might just be the place you want to go.

The izakaya in the east district

The izakaya in the east district


2. Taiwan noodles - New Row Main
The Taiwan beef noodles which the official name for it is new row main, is one of the iconic food of Taiwan. The soups are made of beef ribs, beef tail, beef legs and all other different bone parts and are cooked for hours. Each new row main restaurant has it’s own recipe that is passed on either by family or the apprentice in the restaurant and is strictly protected. The best way to find the best new row main is to try them one by one, but I chose to be lazy and asked the taxi driver where to go.



3. Café
The café in Taiwan is another very popular spots to hangout in Taipei. There are soooo many cafés in Taipei city and its almost impossible to try it all. Here are two cafés I think is worth trying depends on your budget and preference of food.

Mr.Papa waffles and coffee
A café I found while randomly exploring the east district of the city where most of the shops and foods are. It is a very small café but its interior design got my attention very quickly. The the food preparation area was divided by a cargo inside and outside the café providing eat in cashier inside the café and takeaway cashier outside. Part of the external wall of the café has a love padlock area where you can write down something and lock it up on the wall. There is also a blackboard wall inside the café sharing news and the story of the creation of this café.


The café of grass mud horse
This is one of the funniest café experiences I have ever had in my live. I have been to a zoo restaurant in Sri Lanka, (even though I don’t support locking up animals, I was too young to know I shouldn’t support.) eating lunch while the animals are eating lunch behind the glass window, but at least there is a window. This time, the grass mug horse just put its head on my plate and ate my food, and my backpack, and my chair. At the end of the red MRT line, Tamsui, we took a bus to Sanchih. There is a café where the grass mud horse just walks around inside the café next to you. They are incredibly cute but also protect your belongings because they will bite EVERYTHING they see, that includes your camera, your hair, your chair, you note book, your bag and the clothes your wearing.


4. The night market street food
There are just too much to talk about when we are talking about food you can consume in Taipei and the night market is definitely THE place you want to be if you are seeking to gain weight. There are many night markets in Taipei but if you have a tight schedule, there are two you just cannot miss.

The Shilin night market
Shilin night market is a bit far away from the city center but it is also another night market you cannot miss. Compare to Shi-Da night market, Shilin night market is much bigger and has a wider range of food. That includes stone hotpot, shilin sausage, dumping, barbeque row, deep fried cheese chicken filet, etc. You probably cannot finish it all in one night so save it for two. There are also a lot of shops selling all kinds of stuff such as clothes, toys, fruit, postcards, etc.

The Shi-Da night market
Compare to the other market, Shi-Da market is very close in the city center. It will not cost a lot for a taxi if you live in the city center. Shi-Da is the short form of National Taiwan Normal University, so as you can imagine, the night market is right next to the university. The night market has different street food and drinks including barbeque lamp, dumping, ice bubble tea, new row main and all other kinds of food. Apart from food, there are a lot of fashion stores for young people as well as mainly the place is there for the university students.

Photos and written by Alex Leung

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